‘Food For Thought’ - Right from the start there is something inviting when you walk into an Indian Restaurant; it’s DESI (native) characteristic.
You will discover our own unique method of cooking using ‘Bagaar’ - seasoning in the presentation of the curry dish.
The food is prepared to a high standard, embracing vibrant colours, aromas and flavours. These rich, aromatic nuances of the Indian subcontinent
will make your taste buds stand to attention!!
This satisfying sense of taste will delight the Western palate.

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On the bone chicken cooked in a wok ..

Chicken cooked with fresh Olives in a medium sauce ..

A refreshing curry comprising of green Herbs, consisting of ground coriander, fresh mint and garlic,..

Slice s of Chicken Tikka fried with chic Peas in medium spice and chatt masala garnished with fresh ..

Lamb prepared in aromatic sauce cooked with melaneasan papaed a for a strong citrus flavour and medi..

Authentic dish consisting of fresh water king prawns ,Delicat ely cooked in medium spices giving a j..

Lamb shank slow cooked in medium sauce giving a truly south Indian taste..

Chicken tikka with fried green chillies & onions in A special sauce ..

A supper dish from Bengal, fillet of duck breast In a special blend of herbs and spices ..

King prawns cooked in mild herbs and spices wit h tomatoes, In a thick tasty sauce ..

Fresh Diced fish cooked with onions, peppers, garlic, and ginger to create a rich authentic taste ..

Chicken Tikka cooked in rich sauce with ginger, garlic, onion and tomatoes with a sprinkle of fresh ..

Steamed fillet of fish, simmered in fresh green herbs ..

Lamb cooked with very hot Indian naga (scotch bonnet chillies) ..

Salt water Crab meat cooked with fresh green chillies and spice in a medium to hot spicy masala sauc..

Lamb cooked in mild herbs and spices with tomatoes, in a thick tasty sauce ..

Chicken cooked in mild herbs and spices with tomatoes, in a thick tasty sauce ..

Combination of chicken, lamb and king prawns, onions ,peppers and tomatoes, giving a hot and spicy, ..

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